Proto Anime Cut Archive



20,5 x 26 cm
296 pages
234 color and b/w ills.
German/English and Spanish/English
ISBN 978-3-86828-253-5

The publication Proto Anime Cut Archive presents original drawings of the most important directors and illustrators of Japanese animated films. Numerous background paintings, storyboards, drafts, sources of inspiration and film excerpts provide insight into the working methods of the most successful animation artists and production designers of the last two decades.

Proto Anime Cut Archive presents, for the first time in a European publication the work by Hideaki Anno (director, Neon Genesis Evangelion), Haruhiko Higami (photographer), Koji Morimoto (director, Dimension Bomb), Hiromasa Ogura (art director), Mamoru Oshii (director, Patlabor, Ghost in the Shell, Innocence) and Takashi Watabe (layout).

The presented artists have played key roles in the development of Anime. By cooperating closely in different production studios in Tokyo they gave their distinctive signatures to many films and developed the prototypical Anime style.

Editor: Stefan Riekeles

Layout and Design: Laleh Torabi (

German/English edition published by Kehrer Verlag (


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Koji Morimoto


Takashi Watabe


Haruhiko Higami


Hiromasa Ogura


Hideaki Anno


Browsing through. It’s a nice book.