is an exhibition project for TRACER by Andreas Broeckmann and Stefan Riekeles.
The show was on from September 10 to October 24, 2004 in TENT./Witte de With, Rotterdam.

TRACER was a collaborative project by TENT. and Witte de With on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of TENT..
Based on observations and reflections on art in Rotterdam, TRACER was composed of a variety of specific sub-exhibitions, projects, and a program of activities. TRACER draws together various visions for the future of art in Rotterdam and for the role played by art institutions.
Six curators have ‘traced’ contemporary art in the city. Their exploration of Rotterdam’s urban centre, the Port of Rotterdam and the Maasvlakte area for port-related industrial activities resulted in six thought-provoking visualizations.

Our time is riddled by the pressing urgency of a change which is imminent, yet, for which we have no guidelines and few utopian visions. We experience the pains, the cynicisms and the helplessness of a globalised world, fully aware of its unsustainability.

The exhibition project Neuralgic raises the question of how to react to the need for change. Taking oil and the technical 'nervous system' as its central metaphors and examples, Neuralgic investigates the vital infrastructure of contemporary societies, and how this infrastructure affects the way in which we live, and how we can translate our experiences into forms of expression and action.

Eight European artists have been invited to explore such 'neuralgic areas' and their imaginary potentials.


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